Forest Handling

Satellite Map

The satellite image exposes Rio Capim Farm back in 1991, when it was still belonging to another Group. It can be noticed that there is a large anthropized area, which means that it has already suffered some kind of alteration by the action of man. The interventions accomplished had as the main objective the formation of pastures and/or agriculture.

On the image from 2008, it can be seen that Cikel has already promoted the reforestation of 3,948.48 hectares using native species such as "Paricá". Great part of the areas that suffered interventions on the eighties now can be found in an advanced period of natural regeneration.

"The images reflect an example that is rare, if not unique, across the entire eastern area of Para, where the forest cover has increased over time, as a result of responsible management of native forests and reforestation initiatives, driving the natural regeneration of forest," stated Johan Zweede, director of the Tropical Forest Institute (TFI).

For more than 14 years, the IFT, a NGO with excellence on the training, capacitating and promotion of forest handling in the Amazon, has been supported by Cikel and operates a training center within the forest areas of the company. "Cikel is an example of how it is possible and feasible to invest in the establishment of rural economies based on the responsible use of forests, generating jobs and economic development with minimal impacts to the environment", says Zweede.