Since 2007, Cikel Group's Social Responsibility program develops private projects, with or without partnerships, focusing on the educational development, income generation, and quality of life for its employees, their families, and communities surrounding its business units.

The actions have obtained recognition from customers, investors, and especially from the benefited public. This is gratifying for us and proves that taking the social commitment seriously generates economical, environmental, and social benefits. We support the UN Global Compact's 10 principles, affirming its ethics posture in relation to human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.


The Pereira Dias family has the educational legacy in its veins. Nelson Pereira Dias, founder of Cikel Group, although with little study, disseminated information and constantly reinforced the need of studying and giving this opportunity to children and young people.

Working the Social Responsibility based on education assures our belief that we are constant educations and that it is essential to the formation of a more human and equal world.

On supporting the Infantile and Fundamental Education we help to form tomorrow's adult citizens that are more ethical, aware, and responsible with themselves, with the neighbor, and with the environment. When we deal the Youth and Adult Education with cleanliness we believe on the evolution capacity of the human being in any stage of life and this opportunity makes them look at the horizon with perspectives of a better life.

Infantile and Fundamental Education

This company, which always supported actions of educational development, inaugurated on March 3rd, 2009, the Nelson Pereira Infantile Education School at the ABC neighborhood - Pacajá unit. The building has more than one thousand square meters of constructed area and offers students classrooms, food and hygiene areas, besides a room with multi-resources for interdisciplinary activities. The company constructed the building and the city hall made available the professionals, didactic and maintenance material.

On the municipal district of Goianésia do Pará it was also built an Infantile and Fundamental Education School, inaugurated on March 29th, 2009. The institution which also brings the name of Nelson Pereira Dias counted with the donation of all the wood used on the construction.

The new structures, both physical and pedagogical, show that company and municipal districts focus the fulfillment of quality education with the child's total development in its physical, psychological, intellectual, and social aspects, complementing the family and community actions.

Literacy Brazil

As the Fundamental Education focus it also keeps, in partnerships with the city halls, one school for collaborators from Rio Capim Unit, one school at the ABC neighborhood. In both of them we included the Literacy Brazil Program, in order to eradicate the illiteracy from the company.

On 2008, the Literacy Brazil Program worked at the Pacajá unit, and from the 48 employees who didn't know how to sign their names now they are 100% lettered. The success of this action led to the implantation of the program also at the Rio Capim unit on 2009.

Environmental Education 

The interaction with the environment, the forests and natural resources is present in each moment of the day by day, this way making an environmental education program is a way to bring awareness to the youth and teenagers that it is necessary to be environmentally responsible. This program is accomplished with students from the public network of schools surrounding Cikel units, in a way that the students go to the company where it is given a lecture about Forest Handling and Environmental Education.

To the students in the proximity of forest areas it is made available a visit to the forest handling area of reduced impact, where they can notice the fast regeneration of areas already handled. On the schools near Cikel industrial units without access to the forest, the students participate on a lecture and discuss the theme.

Digital inclusion

Cikel's Digital Inclusion program has as the objective to offer employees and the community a qualification program on the computing area, preparing them for the labor market and including them on this technological and globalized society.

Collaborators and communities from Pacajá, Rio Capim, Itinga, Ananindeua and Araucária units have participated and enjoyed a lot of the initiative. Until 2008, 626 people were capacitated in a basic level of computing. In 2009, the program only took place at the Pacajá and Ananindeua units, and in the first semester it served 267 students.

Tones from the Amazon

The Tones from the Amazon - which involves the courses of music and lutherie - work focused on citizenship, once in its vast majority, the youth served descend from low income families and from risk and vulnerability areas. The Lutherie is the school of making string musical instruments; they learn a profession (luthier) and also participate on music classes. Cikel donates wood and contributes financially to this project.


Food Education 

The Food Education Program offers to the collaborators, families and communities in the business units' surroundings a course, made in partnership with SESI, in which the participants learn to better take advantage of food, since the conservation, the preparation and its reuse. This initiative guarantees families with healthier and more nutritious food with less cost, besides the participants being able to use the information acquired to increase the family income, by means of the commercialization of the recipes they learn in the course.

Lectures about Health

The actions focused on the health of the collaborator, family members and community are inserted on the company day by day, and we always seek to make lectures for information and awareness, programs for evaluation on mouth, eye, glycemia, blood pressure, among others. For the women, lectures are given about perse themes and in necessary situations examinations are made available.

Future Athlete Program

Children from Ananindeua Unit employees and students from surrounding public schools participate on sports activities after school, on the modalities of swimming, volleyball and soccer. This program is made by SESI.

Participation on the Industry Championship: 

  • Participation on Sand Volleyball Team;
  • Participation on Indoor Soccer Team, 2nd place in 2009;
  • Participation on Field Soccer, 3rd place in 2009;
  • Participation on Senior Soccer, 3rd place in 2009;
  • Participation on the last stage of Swimming Championship in 2009, with the collaborator Marcus Duarte from Maintenance who won the 1st place on the stage.

May 1st Girl

At the worker's celebration, held on May 1st, 2009, by the Federation of Industries of Pará State – FIEPA – Cikel participated on the May 1st Girl contest with the representative Rayanne Vieira, who won the 1st place.

Worker Run

The event is accomplished with the aim to stimulate the industry workers to have a more active and healthy life style, improving this way their quality of life, it always happens on May 1st, International Labor Day. In 2009, Cikel was represented by a team of 10 workers, all finished the race successfully.

Adventure Scavenger Hunt

The Adventure Scavenger Hunt, promoted by SESI Pará, had the participation of five companies from the Ananindeua municipal district, which participated in 4 stages of tasks on adventure, overcoming, team work and a lot of adrenaline, during the months of August to December. The team of 10 employees from Ananindeua Unit, who represented Cikel, disputed with loyalty and was detached in all tasks on the overcoming of challenges, and this way conquered the victory on December 6th.

SESI Music

The Festival SESI Music in an event that seeks to stimulate the employees to reveal their musical abilities. Workers that compose, sing or play instruments have the opportunity to show their talents on the municipal phases, and the ones detached go to regional phases and later can participate on the national phase. The event is targeted on all sorts and styles of Brazilian music. In 2009 the employee Ivo Soares, from the Engineered Floor pision at the Ananindeua unit represented Cikel at the SESI Music Festival and got the 4th place on the municipal phase.

Círio Run

It is one of the biggest street races on the North/Northeast of Brazil, gathering great stars from the national athletics. On October 25th, 2009, it was held the 26th Círio Run, with a circuit of 10 Km; the race is made official by the Athletics Brazilian Confederation. Cikel was represented by a team of 4 workers; they all finished the run successfully.


The program of visual acuity made by the Industry Social Service – SESI – promotes eye evaluation and the making of glasses for the industry workers with a very affordable cost.


Cikel has looked for partnerships to make courses that serve the area of Educating for Generating Income, thus promoting for wives and family members from collaborators and people form the community courses in which they can learn to make or elaborate objects that can be commercialized, and consequently, improving the family income.

Sewing Dreams

The course was for cutting, sewing, and painting in textiles so that participants can make parts and trade them; it had the participation of women from Ananindeua, Pacajá, and Quilombola Balieiro Community.

This initiative resulted in a partnership with the Amazon University - UNAMA - for the project Sewing Dreams, in which students from the Fashion Design develop environmentally responsible collections, and thought for the consumer market that will be made at the classes of cutting and sewing promoted by the company.

Ingarité Project

The Igarité Project, which focused in income generation, was held at the city of Belém by the Child Life Institute in partnership with Cikel and other companies. We supported with financial resources, donation of industrial residues, besides offering the workshop to 14 young people, children of workers and community. The result was very positive and we intend to amplify in the future.