One of the pillars of an organization is its employees, so valuing their health and safety is crucial to the business success. The Labor Medicine and Safety can be understood as the set of measures and actions which are adopted aiming to eliminate labor accidents, occupational diseases, as well as protecting the integrity and capacity of work to employees.

Cikel Group in all its activities watches over physical integrity of employees by means of adequate equipment, salutary environment, besides the direct performance of a multidisciplinary team composed by Engineers and Labor Security Technicians, Labor Physicians, and Nurses which are part of SESMT - Specialized Service in Safety Engineering and Labor Medicine.



The worker qualification is primordial to assure the safe production and with quality, hence the constant training of collaborators in their functions guarantees the professional qualification regarding the operations security. Trainings are also made for awareness, operation and handling of machines and equipment focusing on accidents and labor disease prevention.


Internal Seminar for the improvement and updating of components of SESMT and correlated areas.

Annually all the Group units make or participate on the Internal Week of Labor accident Prevention - SIPAT - aiming to strengthen the awareness about the importance of care about the health and safety of employees, as well as the well being of each one and his or her family. The units which make this event count with the collaboration of the Accident Prevention Internal Commission - CIPA.


The direct followup of productive activities, with the purpose of correction and verification of fulfillment of Safety Regulations, enables the measuring of indexes and generates indicators of health and safety; this process facilitates the implantation and development of improvements on the labor environment.

Health Prevention

SESMT promotes lectures, instructions, and campaigns for the health prevention. These actions also include vaccination campaigns with the purpose of promoting the worker's health. 

Labor Gymnastics

The practice of activities favors qualify of life. This way, making labor gymnastics at the beginning of the work day promotes quality of life through the decrease of diseases related to work.